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Our ethics reporting hotline ensures that your employees have a reliable and confidential channel to report suspicious activity without fear of retaliation. By encouraging open communication, you can uncover potential fraud and misconduct before it causes any damage to your business. 

Our user-friendly interface enables easy reporting, allowing you to collect and track cases efficiently.

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Trusted worldwide.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Employees can report concerns without fear of retaliation, as their identities are protected. This fosters a safe environment for reporting sensitive issues.

Best-in-class Whistleblower Hotline and Case Management Software

Documentation and Audit Trail

Case IQ stores all case information and evidence in one place. This avoids wasted time spent hunting down documents and provides an audit trail in case of a lawsuit or regulatory investigation.

Advanced Compliance Reporting

With built-in report templates and compliance-informed workflows, you will never miss important information, a deadline, or another regulatory requirement.

Whistleblower Hotline

Case Management System

Case IQ' case management system for anonymous employee feedback is designed to streamline the reporting and investigation process. With the user-friendly interface, the case manager can easily review cases, track the status of each investigation, and prioritize urgent matters. Increase engagement between employees and organizations to help create a culture of integrity.

Personalized dashboards provide detailed insights to help managers identify issues, generate team analytics, and detect emerging trends.

Use our simple drag-and-drop report-building tool to get quick ad-hoc overviews or generate detailed case management analytics for sharing with other team members or external stakeholders.

Make informed decisions with insights

To build a culture of ethical transparency, you need to make it easy and safe to speak up and resolve employee issues that are raised in a fair and timely manner. With Case IQ's employee-centric hotline capabilities and advanced case management features, organizations are able to address ethics and compliance issues efficiently.

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